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In Europe, where diamond prices fell during the Depression, public confidence in diamonds is unlikely to recover. In Germany, Austria, Italy and Spain the idea of ​​giving a diamond ring to commemorate an engagement never caught on.

  In England and France, diamonds were still considered jewelry for the aristocracy rather than the masses. Furthermore, Europe was on the brink of war, and diamond sales were unlikely to expand.

This left the United States as the only real market for DeBeers diamonds. In fact, in 1938, about three-quarters of all cartel diamonds sold in the United States were for engagement rings.

However, most of these stones were smaller and of poorer quality than those bought in Europe and averaged 80 per piece. Oppenheimer and the bankers believed that the advertising campaign could entice Americans to buy more expensive diamonds.

Oppenheimer advised Locke that his agency intended to create a new image for diamonds among Americans. He assured Locke that De Beers had not called any other American advertising agencies with the proposal, and that if the plan had been approved by his father.

 Ayer will be the exclusive agent for newspaper and radio advertising in the US. Oppenheimer agreed to underwrite the research costs needed to develop the campaign. Locke immediately accepted the offer.

Maintenance and protection seems to be a mistake here, a mirage of corporate misinformation. At what level do the De Beers want to reclaim this land, and after all these decades of looting, why should the company manage it anyway?

 Even if the recovery battle works, and even if the company's environmental division can do something about it, won't that be enough? Wouldn't this be a case of environmental restoration as it is to cover up decades of gleeful corporate atrocities.

The invention of diamonds goes far beyond the monopoly of diamond prices. It's a way to transform a tiny carbon crystal into a universally recognized symbol of wealth, power and romance. To achieve this, De Beers had to control supply as well as demand.

  Both men and women should consider diamonds as an integral part of companionship and married life, not as marketable gems. To stabilize the market, de Beers had to give the stones a spirit that prevented them from being resold to the public. The illusion was created that diamonds were forever in the sense that they should not be resold.

18kt rose gold Portraits of Nature butterfly diamond pendant necklace


Inspired by the power of transformation, this vibrant De Beers pendant features the ethereal beauty of butterfly wings with brilliant white diamonds. Rich in detail, the pendant features a marquise-shaped diamond and a delicate openwork design that allows natural light to travel through the butterfly's wings, resulting in exceptional sparkle from every angle.

platinum Enchanted Lotus crown ring


Diamond masters, De Beers Jewellers present the 'Enchanted Lotus' collection - a sublime union that embodies eternity, beauty and purity. Crafted in 18kt white gold, a beautiful lotus flower is brought to life with brilliant and ethically sourced round brilliant diamonds that are hand-set by the in-house team of experts who understand each stone's individual fire, life and Ensures brightness. Designed with versatility in mind, this ring can be styled harmoniously with an engagement or solitaire ring. Please note that the stacked ring is sold separately.

18kt rose gold Dewdrop diamond earrings


De Beers Jewelers celebrates new beginnings with fresh drops of dew that beautifully adorn the natural flora at the dawn of a new day in their 'Dewdrop' collection. Crafted in 18kt rose gold, these drop earrings are set with eighty sparkling diamonds and are fastened with a back closure. The total approximate weight of the diamond is 0.7ct with H SI+ classified diamond quality color grade and clarity. These earrings come as a pair.

18kt white gold Enchanted Lotus diamond sleeper earrings


Diamond masters, De Beers Jewelers present the 'Enchanted Lotus' collection - a sublime union that embodies eternity, beauty and purity, the beautiful lotus blossoms come alive with sparkling diamonds. Crafted from 18kt white gold, these slipper earrings feature ninety-four pave-set diamonds that flow down the slipper clasps in a lotus shape. The diamond has a total approximate weight of 0.36ct with H SI+ classified diamond quality color grade and clarity. These earrings come as a pair. A De Beers Jewelers Certificate of Authenticity accompanies all jewelery purchases.

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