Have you noticed that you get a box saves a ton of money

It's a seasonal subscription box full of products that include fancy pin (which the company defines as beauty, fashion, accessories, and makeup), fitness, and fun. Products that are considered fun can be home decor games, activities and much more.

The retail price is $ 49.99 per quarter box, but there are promo codes everywhere on the internet, including all the impressive ones I follow on social media.

I got my first box for $ 39.99. You can also pay a total of four boxes at 179.99 for the whole year. In each box you receive eight to 10 items, many of which are full-size beauty products that the company claims cost more than $ 200 in total.

FabFitFun works.

When you sign up for FabFitFun, you get a beautiful lifestyle quiz. Honestly, it's kind of fun, though I have no doubt it's a marketing ploy to sell you more things later. You answer questions about what kind of perfume and jewelry you prefer, the size of your clothes, your exercise routine, what problems you have with your skin or hair, and more.

This helps FabFitFun to customize the box to your liking. Once you have answered these questions, you leave the rest to chance and wait for your season box to arrive. Well, you don't leave it at that. Shortly after subscribing, you receive an e-mail instructing you to customize your three products in the box.

They will give you four or five options to choose from from hair straighteners to decorative cups for all three products and whatever you choose .Why customize these specific products?

Which membership option is correct?

When you sign up for FabFitFun, you become a "seasonal member" by default. You will receive a new box each season until you cancel. Promo codes can be $ 10 or less, but they're just good in your first box.

 You will then be charged the full price of 49.99 for each box. If you only want one box, you will have to opt out of the default renewal feature or cancel your subscription altogether or you will be charged for another box every three months.

Another membership option is the "selected" annual membership. You pay a charge-up front of 179.99 for the full year for four of these boxes, which is equivalent to a net savings of $ 20 on seasonal subscriptions.

Selected subscriptions also give you access to pre-shipping, special deals, and more customization options. If you hate surprises and want to customize all products selected subscriptions allow you to do just that.

What's good for you in the box?

I have been ordering FabFitFun for three seasons in a row, but I'm going to tell you about the fallbox I just received, which includes eight items, three of which I already selected. Was I opened the box for a FabFitFun magazine and a discount card for Hello fresh, the food kit delivery service ($ 20 on your first four deliveries, which I will use).

These were just bonus items hiding the original products. FabFitFun Magazine is an instant read, featuring fashion trends, a celebrity interview (I've read everything about Meghan Trainor), some healthy eating tips, and more.

What's in a box?

Lilly Pulitzer




Cara Seamless Bralette

Multi-Use Storage Duo

Protect + Glow Daily Sunscreen Gel SPF 30

Woven Seagrass Tray

Full Frontal Volume, Lift & Curl Mascara

Legendary Dream Hair Shampoo & Conditioner Bundle

Shoulder Bag

Sea Salt and Citrus Soy Candle

What else comes with a FabFitFun subscription?

In addition to the curated box, members have access to FabFitFun TV. It streams on-demand videos with cooking instructions, comedy bits, product demos, and an exercise library with "Elite Fitness Groves" designed for people at every fitness level.

Members also have access to community forums on the website, where people can ask for advice and share their tips on travel, cooking, DIY projects, and more.

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