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A person's style of dress can say a lot about them. In other words, how you dress and what you wear says a lot about your personality. The types of clothing you choose and the fashion style tell the world who you are. So it is important that you know what you are saying. According to Forbes, it takes a person seven seconds to make an impression on another person. One of the first things to keep in mind in those few seconds is the clothes you wear. In fact, it's the first thing most people notice when they first meet someone. Therefore, there is no doubt that your dress can leave a strong impression on others. You feel good about yourself and affect your own self-confidence and self-image.

 This makes it very important to bring your dressing game to the forefront and change your wardrobe a bit. Finding your own style is a lifelong journey that can be fun, and should be .You will also need to follow the dress code for many different events in life and for many jobs. Knowing what to wear for a particular dress code is a skill you will always need. In general, learning more about clothes what is fashion style and how to dress well is the first step. However, you need to know why you can't wear casual clothes with dress shoes; and how to avoid doing so! By simply improving your vocabulary, you will begin to enhance your fashion sense.

Shirts were actually pieces of clothing worn by men. Today, it is a broad term that includes different styles for upper body wear. Shirts usually end in long braids between the waist to the upper thighs, although it is more common for the shirt to end somewhere near the waist .There are many different types of shirts. For example, dress shirts usually have a vertical line of buttons in the middle, a collar and sleeves with cuffs. In formal order, you can wear your shirt with a necktie to complete your look. Dress shirt styles are made in men's clothing and women's clothing styles .On the other hand, styles like polo shirts usually have only a few buttons and half sleeves. T-shirts are also very popular. They are called "Ts" because of the T-shape of their body and sleeves. Traditionally, these shirt sleeves have short sleeves and crew necks or V-necks.

Traditionally, sweaters are woven fabrics that cover the upper body. Not only are they stylish but they also work to keep you warm and comfortable in the winter. Although many types of clothing can be made, sweaters are the most popular type of clothing. Skirts are designed to cover the body from the waist down. Depending on the style of the skirt, the hem can be long enough to reach your toes or only the middle thigh. Skirts can be made from all different types of fabric .Skirts are worn by women of all ages. However, many designers like Paul Jane and Marc Jacobs have also designed men's skirts in an attempt to break the barriers of fashion.

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